The first question that will cross anyone who wants to or is about to Buy Android App installs is whether it is worth buying incentivized downloads on the Play Store provided by Google for Android devices.

The number of downloads of an app, as shown by the Google Play Store, have a huge role to play. It has been noticed that the more number of downloads an app has on the play store, the more number of people are willing to download such an app.

Therefore, if your budget allows you to, you can also Buy Android App installs to help increase the number of downloads which are showcased on the app page of Google Play Store.


Buying Android App installs is beneficial as it helps you to not lose customers who judge apps solely on the basis of the number of downloads such an application has.

Buying such Android App installs is also cheap in comparison to the number of downloads that will be showcased on the applications page on Google Play Store. For example, at the payment of $500, you can get about 5000 incentivized downloads on the applications page on Google Paly Store.


Certain risks are bound to follow while you are buying incentivized downloads, such as, uninstallation of your app by the incentivized persons after a period of time. This can greatly affect the credibility of your application, if people were to realise you lost more followers than the ones you gained over a period of time.


If you are using incentivized downloads as a way to ensure more focus on other marketing campaigns for your application, then choosing to get incentivized downloads does not seem like a bad option.

However, it has been seen that even though incentivized downloads increase the number of downloads on the applications page on the Google Play Store, it does not do much when someone is searching for an application while using a specific keyword. Definitely there is a slight betterment in the SEO optimization than before but this optimization can also be achieved by various other marketing strategies.

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