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A survey report by states that 79% of the US adult population on the internet reads customer reviews before making a purchase or visiting a business. This sheds light on how positive reviews can encourage prospective buyers to engage with your business.

On the other side of the spectrum, negative reviews can plague your business. Sure, certain negative reviews help you better your offerings, but consistent bad reviews can impact your business massively.

So, here are the etiquettes to follow to turn your negative reviews into positive ones.

  1. Do Not Defend

It’s natural to become defensive of your android application and call out the consumer for leaving those scathing reviews. But you need to understand that you can’t please everybody. And answering in anger would only make things worse for you.

Lend a listening ear. Check the credibility of the negation. Look into the matter and fix it. This way, you’d be able to turn the negative experience into a positive one for both you and your consumer.

  1. Do Not Ignore

When you ignore a negative review, it’s almost as bad as an online business vs consumer duel. And this could leave two crucial messages that’ll damage your business more than the negative review itself.

Primarily, being tight-lipped would justify the consumer’s adverse remarks. And secondly, other potential consumers would wonder if you genuinely care about them.

They are both terrible for your business. So, assure the affected consumer that things will be rectified soon if you’re in the wrong. Else, if the victimized consumer is confused, politely explain things. This would not only help the agitated consumer become happy but would turn your business favorable in the sight of other prospective buyers.

  1. Buy App Reviews for Android

Sometimes, consumers who were benefitted might not share their positive reviews on the app stores. It could be their busy schedules or forgetfulness. Do not let this stop you from getting the positive review that your business deserves.

By collaborating with companies like Buy App Reviews, you can Buy App Reviews For Android and google play stores. This will motivate your prospective audience to use your applications.

Follow this three-staged formula to overcome the negative reviews that hurt your business, and turn all bitter experiences, sweet!

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