Buy Android App InstallsThe Secret To Reach One Million Downloads In Playstore

As of 2022, there are 1.96 million apps in the app store and 2.87 million apps available in the Google Play Store. The numbers are whopping, and visibility is bare minimum. Any app cannot succeed without downloads. No matter you have a state of the art app, if it isn’t downloaded, it will not achieve visibility in the PlayStore or app store. Downloads merely cannot be achieved just using paid ads and marketing. It requires a paid installs strategy.  Buying android app installs for your PlayStore apps can help you gain initial momentum and get visibility. The algorithm starts ranking your app organically in the Play Store with more installs, thereby leading to more app downloads and greater visibility. Apart from these, there are much more benefits to buying android app installs. Let’s check them out:

Benefits of Buying App Installs:
  • Vouching that your mobile app is safe and reliable to encourage users to try them
  • Getting better visibility through organic searches in the PlayStore
  • Staying ahead of competitors
  • Higher PlayStore ranking
  • Cheaper and quick marketing tool to reach your business goals quickly
  • Rank within the top 10 without having to wait for years.

A business requires a steady cash flow to sustain itself in the market. Waiting for revenue from apps through downloads for years would affect the app’s profitability. Buying app installs is a quick solution to this problem. Many companies use 100% real users to install and review the app, thereby providing the app with quality Google Play promotion within a budget.

How To Buy Android App Installs

To buy android app installs, you will have to approach a dependable service provider who knows the nuances of the algorithm and PlayStore. Only the right provider can execute the right strategy to promote your app, and those who are experts in the domain can help you grow with 40-50 downloads per day.


Buying android app installs from an industry leader like Buy App Reviews Android can help you achieve your business success without worrying about a robust app promotion plan. Contact us to get started.

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