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iOS App Installs


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iOS App Installs

Why do you need iOS app installs?

There is a plethora of iOS apps released everyday in the App Store but even though an app is great, it requires iOS installs to make it popular. Only a large number of iOS downloads can save an app from being lost amidst other great apps. Waiting for the installs to grow eventually might take a lot of time and by then either your app ratings might have soared or it might just get lost. The easiest solution here is to get iOS installs for the success of your app.

A user checks for a few typical parameters before downloading an app. They browse through informative descriptive, screenshots and other info to help them decide. The number of downloads also is a big deciding factor for the value of the app in the market. It is very unlikely that a user will spend time and money to download an app that has very less or low ranking.

Why should you buy iOS downloads?

While buying iOS apps, you do not only buy installs but also give your app an organic uplift. An organic uplift occurs when a paid app installs increases organic app installs by almost 1.5x. Organic downloads happen very quickly after the initial purchases of the paid installs thereby increasing the popularity of your application.

Benefits of paying for iOS installs:

  • The app appears in the top search engine results, thereby prompting more and more users to check its features and download it.
  • With more downloads your app gets featured in different rankings lists curated by editors of App Store thereby leading to new downloads.
  • Successful install campaigns help you save money on other costlier marketing strategies and help you enjoy the success of your app development rather than paying a hefty sum for its promotion.
  • Buying iOS installs improve the reputation of your app and you can use the same strategy for your new app design.

Where can you buy iOS installs?

You can buy high quality app installs right here at BUY APP REVIEWS. We have a team of highly experienced web architects who work together to give your app the best recognition it deserves without having to spend a large amount on app promotion.