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iOS App Reviews

How can your mobile application get affected by iphone app reviews and ratings?

Anyone developing an app dreams of getting a high ranking in the App Store. Positive comments and reviews of users attract other customers. While searching for new apps or looking for new downloads, users read reviews and star ratings of apps and only then decide to download the app. These reviews and star rankings influence the total ranking of the app and also its overall discoverability on the store. Buying iOS app downloads helps you reach your goal faster.

The influence of reviews and ratings on the ranking can be counted by depicted the number of installs in the past few hours, the number of installs in the past few days, the number of reviews , on the number of times the app was opened and the revenues. This just proves how reviews and ratings affect the ranking of an application.

These ratings, in turn, affect the position of the app in the big search engines. The topmost ranked app gets the highest ratings. Now you can easily get high-quality ratings and reviews to increase your position in the app store. There are so many apps in the US app store devoid of any review. To get an average rating, you need to at least get 5 reviews. Buying iOS app reviews helps to promote your iOS app.

High rating definitely helps in improving the application’s ranking. But sometimes, even high rating does not guarantee your ranking success. The top 100 apps have a lot of them with just 4 stars. But definitely, you need to promote your iOS app to make it in the list of competitive apps.

When you buy app store downloads for your app, you invite large number of downloads. Getting more users gets you better revenues. While depicting the App Store algorithm, importance is given to the ratio of current installs than to the total number of refund rate.

One of the best ways to gain a better ranking for your app is to buy downloads from trusted sources. Also, ensure that your app is well designed and tested properly in order to keep the installs active. To increase the number of users is a bit of a daunting task and hence it is better to keep the existing ones active. Writing blogs is also a clever way of advertising and stimulating the number of downloads.

You might get installs at a later stage but then by that time your app might get lost in the search results or might even get on top position. Each app review helps to affect your average ranking and hence it is necessary to get the reviews from high-quality services.