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At Buy App Reviews, we guarantee 100% safety for all the installation and reviews. All our devices undergo a safetynet check. With three-tier user check platforms including Google-plus profile, auditing review history and daily safety check, you can be rest assured of a flawless experience.

Yes, by informing us over email or communicating with our representative over skype, you can inform us about the number of reviews you desire to be posted every day after you buy iOS or android reviews. (Yes, You can provide us the information/reviews through our various communication modes such as email, skype or through whatsapp)

Yes, your own reviews can be shared with us.

Yes, it is possible to post the reviews in any language you require.

The reviews for android appear immediately. For iOS reviews, it may take upto 24-48 hours for the reviews to appear on the iOS store.

No, we do not offer reviews for the paid apps. We only offer reviews for apps which are free and available globally.

We pick users whose interests are closely related to the app. This increases the possibility of retention. But because these are real users and not bots, we cant influence the retention.

We guarantee that you will receive all reviews you have ordered. We assure you that the reviews you will get are 100% from real app users. If we appear unable to deliver you the reviews that you ordered, we will refund the money in accordance to the number of reviews that you have not received.

We assign your app reviews performance to our talented app testers, who have years of successful experience of delivering professional app reviews.

Forever! You only pay for 5-star reviews that remain on your app forever.

The Importance of App Ratings Simplified: Boosting Visibility and Popularity

In today's Android app world, where everyone checks ratings, reviews, and downloads, it's important to understand why these matter so much to users. Let's break it down: app ratings and reviews are like popularity votes. The more positive reviews and higher ratings an app has, the more people want to download and use it.

Now, let's talk about how to improve your app ratings. You can purchase reviews, but rest assured, we strictly adhere to Google's policies to ensure everything is done safely and legitimately.

But why do positive ratings and reviews matter so much? Well, think of them as recommendations from friends. When you see a bunch of positive ratings and reviews for an app, it makes you feel confident about trying it out. That's why it's essential to have informative and trustworthy Android app reviews that tell users why your app listed on the Play Store is great.

So, if you want your Android app to shine in the crowded world of the Google Play Store where thousands of similar apps are listed as your competitors, investing in positive app reviews is a smart move. Without excellent positive reviews, standing out from your competitors is very tough. However, with a good number of ratings and reviews for your app listed on the Play Store, you can boost your app's visibility, climb up the rankings, and achieve a much higher response beyond your expectations.

In a nutshell, app ratings and reviews are crucial for making your app popular on the Google Play Store. Focus on obtaining positive ratings and reviews for your app, and be sure to respond to all customer feedback. Watch your app soar to new heights!

Customer Reviews

After working on more than 650 + apps, see what the developers would
like to say about the app review service from us.

Buy Android App Reviews: A Smart Move for Your Android App's Success
#1 Android App Review Provider

In today's competitive Google Play Store, making your app stand out is crucial. Buying Android app reviews can significantly enhance your app's visibility, credibility, and rankings.

At our #1 Android App Review Provider, we specialize in Buy App Reviews Android services tailored to your app's needs. Whether you need Buy Mobile App Reviews or Buy App Reviews For Android, our team delivers high-quality reviews that resonate with users. Our Buy Android App Reviews Online service focuses on genuine feedback to build trust and engagement.

Why choose our Buy App Reviews Service for Android? We prioritize reputation management and ensure compliance with Google's policies. Our Buy Google App Reviews service provides authentic feedback highlighting your app's strengths.

As a trusted BUY ANDROID APP REVIEW Service Provider, we adhere to ethical practices and transparency. Investing in our Buy Google App Review services means investing in your app's future success.

What sets us apart is our commitment to customer satisfaction and results-driven Buy App Reviews. Whether your app is new or established, our Buy App Reviews Service for Android offers flexible packages to fit your budget and goals.

When you Buy App Reviews from us, you're not just buying feedback; you're investing in your app's growth. Our Buy Android App Reviews service builds a positive reputation and increases organic downloads over time. By strategically leveraging Buy Google App Reviews, you can boost your app's discoverability and attract more users.

In conclusion, Buy Android App Reviews can elevate your app's success on the Google Play Store. Whether you're looking to Buy Android App Reviews Online or Buy Mobile App Reviews, our comprehensive Buy App Reviews Service for Android ensures your app gets noticed. Trust our expertise as the leading Buy App Reviews Android provider to enhance visibility, attract users, and achieve long-term success in the competitive app market.

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To improve your organic rankings of your Android or iOS app, you need positive reviews along with 5 star ratings. BuyAppReviewsAndroid.com can surely help you scale your ratings and reviews of your app.

We are into this business from a very long time and have a massive experience in this industry and Our dedicated ASO team keep on improving their self in order to provide excellent ASO services to our esteemed clients. The standard digital avenues are CPI affiliate offers, paid ads. Improving Android app downloads and improving search rankings on Play Sore/ App store is never easy unless have hired a top class buy app reviews company. We BuyAppReviewsAndroid.com can get you the desired number of downloads to your app and genuine app  reviews with the help of our dedicated team and reviewers all across the globe.

1. App Description and title: This one is one of the most important factors for Google which helps in knowing more about the app and to know which keywords will be relevant in this particular app. You need to first fix your app title and description before you begin with any marketing activities. The best format to keep the app name is – Brand Name + Service offered by the app ( Eg. FitTrack – Fitness Tracker App)

2. App Install vs. Uninstall Rate: The next step is to begin with your marketing activities. The rate of app installs and uninstalls matter a lot in the initial days when you are keener on play store rankings. The Flappy Bird Saga was an addictive game which quickly rose up to the top position in ‘Top Free’ category within two days. We help you control your app uninstall rate and also help you getting a higher app install rate.

3. App reviews velocity: This refers to the number of reviews; the app gets in one day. The ideal way is to control the app reviews velocity in such a way that it increases gradually per week. If handled this way, the reviews velocity benefits the user in the long run. If you get all the reviews in a single day, Google deletes these reviews. So before buying app reviews, ensure that the company is aware of the reviews velocity.

4. Keywords in-app reviews: Having certain keywords in-app reviews definitely helps Google to know more about your app. This gets better if you keep some variations in the keywords. When you buy app reviews, ensure that the reviews have some specific keywords.

5. Backlinks to Social Signals and Playstore Listings: A Backlink and SEO go hand in hand. Backlinks for trustworthy sources help your app rankings to grow quickly. Social signals are the number of people who talk about your app on social media which helps in increasing your app rankings.

Our company has a team of 1+ million users who install, test and give us a feedback about an app. They get rewarded with incentives such as coupons and other deals for reviewing the app. This entire community is well-trained to give a positive feedback only.  We also ask the users to keep the app in their phones for X amount of time.

The above information should be able to give you a clear understanding of how our system works. So hurry up and place your first order with us for Android App Reviews. You can reach us on app review in case of any questions or doubts.

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